Israel: Photos And Facts Worth Taking A Look At

Published on June 4, 2018
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Israel is just a sliver on the Middle East map, and a spot on the world map. But Israel is not just a tiny country with a lengthy history; it is a state that has been the topic of controversy since its establishment in May 1948. But what do you really know about the State of Israel? Perhaps these facts and pictures will shed some light on the only Jewish state in the world.

Although Israel is only about the size of the state of New Jersey and has only been a country since 1948, it’s full of rich history and culture. From their unique and highly trained military to their remarkable landscape and historical sites, Israel is like no other country in the world. Also, it’s worth a visit just to taste some of that authentic hummus for yourself! Maybe you already knew about their incredible beaches, the desert, beautiful valleys or hiking trails, but you probably never heard about some of these unbelievable facts. For example, we’ll tell you things like why Israelis have the lowest rates of peanut allergies. All the Americans are probably dying to hear their secret since peanut allergies have become an increasing problem in America. Anyway, there’s so much to learn about Israel that you haven’t ever heard about!

Of course, there’s the complicated political situation, but we won’t get into that too much. Sure, you probably hear enough about it on the news all the time. It’s hard to understand what living in Israel is actually like when the only time you hear about the country is in reference to the conflict. That’s why we have gathered a list of facts and incredible photos to give you a fuller picture of what it’s like to live in Israel.

Obviously, we all know stars like Gal Gadot and Natalie Portman came from Israel. However, there’s so much more to this country that hosts one of the tech capitals of the world. Yes, Tel Aviv is known for its startups. It may surprise you to hear about some of the incredible innovations that Israelis have brought to the world. There’s a lot besides just recent history worth knowing about this nation. So take a moment to look at these pictures and learn about this small but monumental country.

Female Soldiers

Israel is one of two countries in the world that drafts women into the army for mandatory service. These young women draft at the age of 18 years old and serve at least two years in the armed forces. They take up roles in combat and non-combat positions.

Female Soldiers1

Female Soldiers